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Our mission is to create beautiful jewellery with a lasting positive legacy - for the wearer and our planet. 


Is this just another fast fashion jewellery range? No. In fact, it's slow, really slow.


We consider every aspect of our business to ensure the way we work protects the environment and is respectful of the people around us.  We choose responsibly produced materials and, where possible, manufacture close to home for a lower carbon footprint.  We won't just tell you what we do, we'll show you behind the scenes so you can learn more about our values and how we put them into practice.  As we grow our business, we'll continue to evolve our collection, always aiming to keep our collections simple, clean and close. 

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We only use pearls, gemstones and other materials if they can be sourced from traceable supply chains that meet high social and environmental standards, and, where possible, are certified by a third party.  You can read more about our criteria for choosing materials in our Considered Sourcing Policy.

Gold Jewelry


We've designed our packaging to look beautiful, but also to ensure it can be reused or recycled easily with no waste.  We don't use any plastic and are working with our suppliers to encourage them to do the same.

Tree Planting


It's our responsibility to support and give back to our community, which includes everyone involved in designing, making and selling Considered jewellery, as well as social enterprises that share our values.  We're proud to be a majority women workforce, and are passionate about empowering women in our supply chain.  Read more in our Considered Impact Report (coming soon)


Our jewellery is made from Fairmined gold, certified recycled silver and recycled brass.  We feel it's important to use a mixture of recycled and newly mined metal.  We choose recycled metals as they have a lower carbon footprint.  But, we also source from Fairmined certified mining communities as this helps disadvantaged artisanal miners to support their families and better look after the environment.



We champion British manufacture and produce our signature collection here in the UK.  We also work with small producers overseas that meet the requirements of our Considered Supplier Code of Conduct.  This means they have been carefully selected to have a positive impact on people and planet.

Paper Packaging


We want to protect our environment for future generations.  Working with UK suppliers and using recycled materials helps to reduce our carbon footprint.  When we can't reduce our carbon emissions, we offset them and aim to become a carbon neutral company.

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