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We work with designers, brands and retailers to produce traceable, RESPONSIBLY sourced jewellery


 We know first-hand the complexities of making jewellery responsibly and can make it a smoother, quicker process for your brand. Through our network of vetted manufacturers we can help you transition an existing range to a more responsible supply chain, or develop a new jewellery offering for your business.  We'll help protect your brand's integrity and give you a new story to engage your customers.

private label

We support like-minded brands to create their own responsibly produced jewellery collections.  We offer a full design, sourcing and production service through our global network of vetted jewellery suppliers, incorporating traceable materials like Fairtrade or Fairmined Gold, certified recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.  

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considered collection

We deliver a made-to order wholesale range of our beautiful Considered jewellery collection. Ready to retail in your store, with responsibly produced packaging and point of sale materials to bring to life the story behind the pieces. 

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We collaborate with charities, influencers, brands and high profile personalities to create everything from one-off promotional pieces to whole collections.  We'll help you create your own fashion jewellery backed up with a beautiful story, managing everything from start to finish.

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why us

That's easy, because we care. We care about using sustainable materials: about reducing our environmental impact and about using the planet's resources responsibly.  We care about the partners we work with and are passionate about our mission to offer an alternative to mass produced 'short-term wear' fashion jewellery.  


We use our collective experience in design, sourcing, sustainable supply chain management, product development, range building and private label brand launches to help you create and grow your own jewellery range. 


Simply put, we care about identifying client's needs and considering every aspect of their requirements so we can help them bring their jewellery vision to life. Contact us to find out more, we're here to help and we'd be delighted to hear from you.


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