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adj.  Carefully thought about 



When we buy something, we want to feel confident we're supporting the skilled people who made it and protecting the environment around us.  We created Considered Jewellery after struggling to find beautiful, truly sustainable jewellery we could wear every day.   


We know the origin of every material we use and can trace each of our jewellery pieces through the entire supply chain.  For us, it’s not about ticking boxes and saying the right thing.  It’s about building a business on honest foundations, which is truly sustainable for all involved.  We want you to be able to wear and give Considered jewellery with joy.




With the help of the artisans that hand-craft our pieces, Bea brings our designs to life.  She's the creative force behind our collections, using skills gleaned from a sparkling career in jewellery buying.


Victoria upholds our values.  Her passion for jewellery evolved after visiting gold mines in Peru, where she saw first-hand the negative impact the industry can have on people and the environment. She has been supporting businesses to improve and lobbying for change ever since.











It's been a long road to find partners that are aligned with our values. We’ve chosen to use Fairmined certified gold in our pieces, which ensures miners are paid fairly and can support their families.  We are also proud to champion British manufacture through our signature Considered jewellery, and are developing long-term partnerships with some amazing producers in Thailand and Cambodia.

We are still learning and improving, but we've built a fantastic team that are passionate about doing things in the right way.  We hope you’ll join us on this wonderful journey.

Bea and Victoria - Considered Jewellery Founders


gold mines in Peru.

Inspecting our first collection!

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