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  • What does 'reclaimed silver' mean?
    It means it has come from manufacturing scrap or old jewellery and electronics that have been recycled. It is not newly mined for our pieces. The silver in our Signature collection is certified as 100% recycled. Find out more in our journal.
  • What is the difference between gold plating and vermeil?
    Both gold vermeil and gold plating refer to the process of coating a base metal with gold. For vermeil, the base metal must be solid sterling silver with a thick layer of gold. The silver item is microplated: adding micro layers of gold, or microns for short, in order to build up to a thick even coating over the silver. The technique results in a luxurious and durable piece. If a piece is gold plated, the base metal can be any metal (such as copper or brass), and the plating may be thinner. It still results in a stunning piece, but at a more affordable price point. ​ Vermeil helps limit tarnishing, the discolouration that happens to silver jewellery when it oxidises. Our beautiful Signature Collection is made from 100% recycled, solid sterling silver with 2.5 microns of 18ct Fairmined gold, so you can rest assured that not only are you wearing a little bit of luxury, but you are also mindfully protecting the earth's resources by doing so.
  • Why does jewellery tarnish sometimes?
    Sterling silver naturally oxidises over time when exposed to air, eventually tarnishing. Similarly, vermeil will naturally tarnish over time, especially when exposed to environmental factors like air pollution, moisture, and items that contain Sulfur. It's a common chemical reaction that occurs when your jewellery comes into contact with other elements, such as skin, water or substances like body lotion, perfume or chlorine in a swimming pool. Always remove your vermeil jewellery when exercising, swimming, dyeing or bleaching your hair, bathing and showering. Avoid wearing your vermeil jewellery when applying lotions, creams, or perfumes. Make sure they are applied and your skin dry before you put your jewellery on. Gently cleaning your vermeil jewellery will help to maintain shine, reduce any surface residue picked up during wear and keep tarnish at bay.
  • How should I clean my jewellery?
    If your jewellery starts to look a little dull, we recommend that you clean it with mild soap or washing up liquid and warm water. Use just your fingers or a lint free soft cloth to gently clean the pieces (brushes and washing up sponges are a no-go to avoid surface scratching). Then simply dry and buff with a soft or microfibre cloth. You can also use a jewellery polishing cloth to help restore the shine if your jewellery is showing signs of tarnishing.
  • How do I prevent tarnish on jewellery?
    We know it's tricky, but the best way to avoid tarnish is limiting your jewellery's contact with skincare and make up products. Keep your jewellery away from lotions, creams and sprays as it could be susceptible to damage from the effects of the chemicals used in them. This includes perfume, hair dye and bleach, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, body lotions/oil, sunscreen and deodorant. Remove your jewellery when exercising, swimming, dyeing or bleaching your hair, bathing and showering.
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