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crafted to the highest sustainability standards, with real transparency. 

we make ethical effortless.


We strive to create meaningful jewellery that you can wear with pride.  Through all our work we remain:

  • Considered in our design and production. 

  • Committed to radical transparency in our supply chain. 

  • Collaborative with others to drive positive change.

  • Conscious of our impact and the legacy we leave behind.

Considered Jewellery Signature Collection

Responsible Sourcing

We only use materials if we know where they came from and that they were produced responsibly.  Our Signature jewellery is made from 100% recycled silver, plated with 18 carat Fairmined gold vermeil.  Choosing Fairmined gold helps disadvantaged artisanal miners to support their families and better look after the environment.

Created in the UK

We believe it's important to champion local manufacture, and so our Signature Collection is certified as 'Created in the UK' as that's where we are based.  Look out for this stamp on our pieces.  

When an item of jewellery carries this special mark, you can be confident that skilled craftspeople have made it in the UK.

Jewellery created in the UK
packaging 1.jpg


We believe it is important to protect our environment for future generations.  We follow the reduce, reuse, and recycle mantra to avoid waste.

We've shunned traditional jewellery boxes in favour of handmade, organic cotton pouches that you can use to store your jewellery for years to come.  All our outer packaging is made in the UK and can either be composted or recycled. 

Hand crafted jewellery


We think that creating jewellery should have a positive impact, so we collaborate with talented artisans around the world to help them reach new markets and preserve traditional skills.

Our first Considered collaboration is with Ammo: a female run social enterprise in Cambodia, which handcrafts jewellery from recycled brass bullet cartridges. Arriving in 2024.


Limited Edition

We make our styles in small batches, using high-quality sustainable materials.  Each collection has a unique story, which we'll share with you as the pieces are developed.


Our limited edition ranges allow you to own something special, often unique, with individually sourced stones or handcrafted elements. 

Limited edition Considered Jewellery


We believe it's our responsibility to support and give back to our community.


We are passionate about empowering women and other small or impactful businesses and, in 2023, 90% of those we worked with were women owned.

Supporting women owned businesses
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