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our principles

We believe in creating jewellery that leaves a gentle footprint on the world.  This means carefully considering where our materials have come from and how our pieces are made.  We consider every aspect of our collection to ensure it protects the environment, is created in a way that is lawful, does not exploit people, and has a low carbon footprint.


We expect our suppliers to share our values by meeting the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, relating to human rights, labour rights, environmental impact and anti‐corruption.


When we start working with a supplier we ask them to commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct and complete our self-assessment questionnaire, which helps us to understand where there may be risks.  The onus is on the supplier to ensure they meet our requirements, but we also request evidence to back up any claims.  If a supplier doesn’t meet our requirements we offer support to improve by providing guidance or signposting them to educational resources and tools. 


We ask our suppliers to source materials that have guaranteed provenance and that meet the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct.  This includes sourcing gold and silver certified to Fairmined Standards, or silver and brass certified to the SCS Recycled Content Standard (or other 3rd party accreditation scheme). When we use pearls, semi-precious stones or other non-metal materials in our collection we choose to work with artisanal producers or recycled materials.


If smaller elements of our jewellery, such as earring posts or necklace clasps cannot be made from recycled materials we may source an alternative.  In this instance we will always give preference to suppliers and materials that meet the highest social and environmental standards, as laid out in our Preferred Supplier Matrix.  If a more sustainable option becomes available over time then we will evolve our collection to ensure we always offer the most sustainably produced jewellery.


More information on our current materials and suppliers can be found in our 2023 baseline report (coming soon).


Preferred Supplier Matrix graphic.png

Our Preferred Supplier Matrix, helps us to source the right suppliers and metals for the main components of our collections, and give preference to those working to the highest standards.  This includes our brass, gold and silver, as well as our packaging.  We give preference to businesses that can supply certified recycled materials, are social enterprises or have a specific impact focus, and that are located in the UK.

Supplier Matrix


Artisanal Gold – Whilst the majority of our collection is made using recycled metals, we believe it is also important to source gold and silver from small-scale mining sites certified to Fairtrade or Fairmined Standards.  These schemes support disadvantaged artisanal miners to secure a fair price for their metal, which enables them to improve their livelihood and support their community.


Pearls – Our Tahitian pearls come from a small, family run farm near Tahiti.  The farm is an example of best practice, proving that pearls can be grown in a sustainable way that protects the natural world and provides secure livelihoods for the local community. 


Findings and chain – Some small elements of our jewellery, such as earring backs and necklace fastenings cannot always be sourced from traceable or recycled materials. If we can’t source these essential items inline with our Preferred Supplier Matrix, we purchase them from Responsible Jewellery Council certified suppliers.


Alloys – The alloy metals in our gold and silver are not currently traceable.  We are working with our supply chain to see if we can secure a fully traceable alloy pack for our metals in the future.


We welcome feedback on the way we source materials, produce our jewellery, and run our business.  If you have any concerns or suggestions, please drop us a line.

This policy is endorsed and monitored by the owners of the company, and is renewed annually.

V1 Published 2023

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