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5 Reasons to Choose Fairmined Gold this Festive Season

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We believe jewellery can have a positive impact on the world and want you to feel pride when wearing our pieces. That’s why we’ve chosen to use Fairmined Gold in our Signature Collection. So, here's 5 Reasons to Choose Fairmined Gold this Festive Season

Why is Fairmined important?

The materials we use in our jewellery are fundamental to everything we create, so we consider them carefully when designing a collection.

We could simply choose to use recycled metal in our pieces, but with over 150 million miners and their families worldwide dependent on small-scale gold mining for their livelihood, we feel it’s important to support them.

Fairmined gold miner in Columbia

Mining precious metals can have a devastating impact on people and planet if done on a large scale or not managed properly. That’s why we only buy newly mined gold if it is Fairmined certified.

How does Fairmined Certification work?

Fairmined Certification supports artisanal miners, often families and small groups of people, to work responsibly.

It transforms mining into an active force for good, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of.

For example, checking that mining sites are set up legally and have good working conditions, reducing reliance on hazardous chemicals and ensuring miners receive a fair price for their hard work.

Fairmined Gold logo

Where does our Fairmined Gold come from?

The gold vermeil used in our Signature collection comes from a small mine called Iquira, in Columbia. The miners here alternate between artisanal gold mining and coffee growing, depending on the season. Fairmined certification has allowed them to develop their mining business safely and with respect for the environment.

What does this mean for you?

Whether buying a piece for yourself or a gift for someone you love this festive season, choose jewellery that contains Fairmined Gold to:

  1. Support miners to earn a fair price for their work

  2. Ensure miners are protecting the environment

  3. Enable mining communities to invest in their future.

  4. Buy gold with a beautiful story behind each piece

  5. Wear jewellery that showcases your values.

We are proud to be a Fairmined licensee and, whilst we have only bought a small amount of metal from these mines to date, we hope to be a part of this positive change for years to come.


We’re dedicated to creating a radically transparent jewellery brand, which you can buy with confidence. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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