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Avoiding the greenwash: 6 things to consider before buying jewellery.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Our mission is to create distinctive jewellery that reflects your values, so you can wear it with pride.

As part of this mission, we are striving to build a brand that proves every piece of jewellery can be consciously crafted from the mine all the way to you, the wearer. By showcasing everything that goes into making our pieces, we hope to inspire other jewellery brands to strive to work more responsibly. We call this our commitment to radical transparency.

Considered Jewellery earrings and bracelet

Our co-Founder, Victoria, has worked in the jewellery sector for the last 10 years. She supports brands to think about their impact on the world and to find ways to improve. She says:

"Things have changed hugely over my time in the industry. As shoppers, we’re now aware that the things we buy and the frequency of our purchases can have a negative impact on our world. One in three of us has even stopped purchasing certain brands or products because of ethical concerns. We are more inclined to buy from brands that have a commitment to working responsibly."

"This is not always easy though. Brands are jumping on the green-bandwagon to sound credible, without evidence to back up their claims. Words like ‘ethical’ and ‘eco’ are used casually to build trust. They make us feel secure and less inclined to question what's behind a product before making a purchase."

"Any efforts a company makes to reduce their impact or give back to the people in their supply chain is a good start. We welcome all positive changes. We are just asking that all brands, large or small, be honest and open about the impact of their endeavours."

As conscious consumers, we feel you should be empowered to seek out more information on a brand's eco-claims. We loved the recent appearance of a giant ‘greenwashing’ machine in London’s Greenwich Park aiming to shine a light on this harmful trend. The campaign by online retailer Canopey follows a survey of 2000 people, which found that 68% felt angry that brands and retailers could be intentionally overstating their ethical credentials. We feel the same.

Canopey's greenwashing machine

To help you avoid the greenwash, here are 6 things to consider before buying jewellery:

  1. Recycled gold and silver might not be as environmentally friendly as you think. Find out more about recycled metal in our journal.

  2. Do a retailer’s claims relate to just a few items in their store, rather than applying to their whole business?

  3. Can a brand back up their claims? Stating that a gemstone is ethically sourced is not enough. Let’s ask for evidence to back up their claims. Which mine did it come from? Where was it cut?

  4. Is the brand certified by Fairmined, B Corp, The Responsible Jewellery Council, Positive Luxury or another independent scheme?

  5. Do they have a sustainability or sourcing policy on their website, which clearly lays out their social and environmental commitments?

  6. What is the brand's packaging made from? Jewellery boxes may be labelled as eco-friendly or recyclable, but often the foam insert inside is not.

"As a new brand, our impact to date is small, but we’re building a business on honest foundations. We are committed to radical transparency in the jewellery industry and to proactively giving back to our planet as we grow "

We’ll publish our first impact report in 2024 so you can see the steps we’ve taken so far and what we hope to achieve in the future. To be the first to see this, sign up to our mailing list. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the way we work, how to shop responsibly or just fancy a chat, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.



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