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Our Story: Created in the UK

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Celebrating British jewellery and manufacturing is important to us. The UK has a long history of unrivalled craftsmanship and design, and we want to support this heritage by producing our Signature collection here.

Designing and Creating in the UK

Our Signature Collection was designed by our talented team: Bea, Jess and Suzanne. Then manufactured by skilled craftspeople in London’s Hatton Garden and the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, using handcrafted techniques that make each piece of Considered jewellery unique.

The Created in the UK Mark

The provenance of our Signature pieces is guaranteed by the Created in the UK scheme.

Created in the UK Jewellery display

Established by the National Association of Jewellers, the Created in the UK mark is added alongside the hallmark applied to jewellery. Hallmarking is the oldest form of consumer protection in the world and proves the purity of the precious metal of products.

The Created in the UK mark is proof of provenance, helping identify items made here in the United Kingdom. All members of the Created in the UK scheme comply with strict criteria and an auditing process to guarantee the origin of a piece. This might be a bespoke piece designed just for you or an entire Created in the UK collection. When an item of jewellery carries the special mark, you can be confident that skilled craftspeople and partners have made it in the UK.

Making this collection in the UK means it may have a higher price than if produced overseas, but we believe it is important to champion UK craftspeople and wish to help promote our industry's skills and manufacturing traditions.


We’re dedicated to creating a radically transparent jewellery brand, which you can buy with confidence. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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